Friday, September 3, 2010



          It was a time when Tablet PCs or Touchscreen PCs were introduced- One could go on tapping the computer screen lying on his bed… Got rid of the Mouse and Keys…

Writing on the Tablet PC Input Panel is so easy
          But soon a need of a compactable typing tool was experienced, and then followed the Tablet PC Input Tools from Microsoft Windows. A separate operating system was also introduced by the OS major by the name of WINDOWS XP Tablet PC Edition. This pack introduced the Tablet PC Input Panel.

Start> All Programs> Accessories> Tablet PC
          Now the latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 7 comes with the exciting experience of Table PCs. Very few know that hidden under the Accessories bar in the Programs’ Menu lies the Tablet PC tools. Just click the Tablet PC there and the wonder tool will open up for you. Now you can take a Input Pen and go on writing on the screen in the same manner you do while you write your secret letters to some one someone special on a pink paper pad.

          Also if you don’t have a touchscreen computer, the Tablet PC Input Panel is a friend in need for you. As you already know that Windows 7 comes with a large mass of language support, Indian ones are no exception, you don’t need to download a typing tool for writing your desired language.

Assamese support on Tablet PCs
          Easily dockable on any corner of your screen, this tool also support Bengali and Assamese font characters, which I think can be a boon for the North-East Indians. All that one need to do is that he must go on the language option on the top of the panel, search his own language and mark it. MS Office now supports the new version of the Bengali cum Assamese font, Vrinda. So go for it now.

NB: If your computer is not supporting the Tablet PC Pen (Touchscreen Pen), just upgrade your Recognizing tool from the Microsoft website.

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