Sunday, August 29, 2010


-By Sohinee Dey-

Life is like a journey,
It has a beginning and ends up one day.
It begins from birth and continues
Till we are mixed with the unknown.

Some reaches their aim and some doesn’t,
Some fulfil their wishes and some cannot,
Some are successful in their goals and some fails,
It’s like the flame of a candle,
Which lits up one day,
And ultimately extinguishes.

Sometimes it’s full of happiness,
Sometimes it’s full of sorrow,
Sometimes it has a great tragedy,
And sometimes it’s adventurous.

Sometimes it’s full of love,
Sometimes it’s full of dreams.
And sometimes it has pleasure.

It’s a blending- all rolled in one,
It is coated with the love and care of parents.
And if you are a single,
You are mostly loved by your parents.

The childhood is the best time of life,
When you can enjoy every moment of it.
When your parents shower
The love and care on you.

Isn’t it like a journey?
Which starts up one day
And drowns into deep dark hollow a day.

(The author, Miss Sohinee Dey is my cousin by relation. She studies in Class IX and resides at Guwahati)

1 comment:

  1. Its a journey for sure but not the one which drowns in deep dark hollow a day.......

    And yes its a very beautiful journey, and you'll realise it soon :)