Monday, May 31, 2010

yo! we did learn it..

          Being students of the 'Department of Chemistry', we were always awarded with various analytical tasks. As a part of our syllabus we had to perform 'Qualitative Inorganic Analysis', 'Qualitative Organic Analysis', 'Quantitative Organic Analysis' and various more tests. But the tests we had to do as a part of the assignments by the IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) were the most interesting.
           Only some days back, we had carried out a 'Quantitaive Analysis' on some leading brands of cements to check whether the brands comply with the ISI standards. This types of analysis actually requires a long time. We took six working days to complete this. We enjoyed carrying out the analysis and at the same time learnt many new things- the most important one being how to carry out experiments in a collective way. This was the first time that we carried out an analysis in groups; the HoD says that when we get jobs in big companies, we will have to carry out tasks in groups, each individual performing his own share of the task. We carried out the analysis in two groups of four. In one group were the girls and in the other were the boys. Each of the groups analysed for two different brands of cement, making the total number of analysed brands to four.
           I still remember the hard efforts taken by the teachers and lab-bearers to facilitise our analysis. I will always be thankful to them. On their free times, the teachers would come and join us, helping us to lead with a faster pace. The bearers would always keep on asking our requirements like beakers, test-tubes, acids/alkalis, etc and keep on supplying them in no time.
           I remember that we had to start out analysis from 10.00 am (1000) in the morning and continued till 03.30 pm (1530). The teachers would come and ask that if we are hungry. We always said 'No', but each time we would find snacks ready for us in the canteen, the teachers paid.
           We started the analysis on a Monday and completed it by the next Monday. Though we are bound by the strict norms in the Lab, we would sometimes crack jokes followed by a loud-laughter. Even the teachers could not refrain themselves from laughing.
           Finally, when the analysis got over we had to carry out a seminar in the IQAC and show a projector-presentation to the college folks. The day was fixed on Saturday and we got very less time to prepare for it. The presentation was hosted by me and two representatives, one each from a group. Everybody present in the seminar liked it and we were rained with good comments.
           At last our efforts bore a sweet fruit. This analysis would always remain fresh in our minds. This wil remain as an unforgetable moment in our lives.

I am thinking of sharing the report and results of the analysis in my next post. Please read and comment.

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