Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Asom doesn't have!

Till someday before there was only one thing disappearing with the setting of the sun- the power supply of the ASEB. Now there are more to provide company- the BSNL network and the power voltage.

In a 100 m of overhead wire one may find at least three joints anywhere in Asom. Each month one of these would snap and then follows a full day of ‘no electricity’. After that one  may go on dropping applications in the complaint box, dialing the number of the control room (which will often go on ringing without response)- No help, No power!

Now-a-days, costly digital meter-boxes are installed in most households, service tax of the department has also been increased, still the situation is same, no development in the basic need- production of electricity. The pace of production doesn’t increase at the same rate of the number of new connections provided each day- No regular development!

        A common story of the newspapers of Asom is that students don’t get to study under electric lamps, even before the exams. I would add by saying that they don’t even get the kerosene required for the lanterns! In a state where at an average area of each 100 sq. kms. one can dig up oil, the administration fails to provide kerosene for its brilliant students, what a joke! No support in education!

There is more to add; a student in Asom may also have to sleep with an empty stomach- no gas cylinder at home. This is a story of the same state where unused natural gas is burnt at Gaurisagar, Rudrasagar, Sivsagar, Tengakhat every year; but no fuel to cook a hand-full of rice, no kerosene to light a lamp in a place where there is no electric-connection and also where there is! Yesterday, PET’s NewsLive revealed a story ‘Black market of Blue kerosene’. Kerosene which are provided to be supplied in the rural areas of the state are sold at Rs. 40 / litre against the original cost of Rs. 13 / litre, how sad! No fuel!

हिन्दुस्तान बोल रहा है.. India is speaking.. But what about the disturbances in speaking. A person with a BSNL connection in Asom is familiar with all sorts of error messages that his cell phone can pop-up. Thanks to BSNL, one may easily see such a message while having an important discussion over the phone. ‘Out of Coverage’, ‘No network connection’, ‘Error in Connection’, etc or just a ‘!’ sign- inserted a BSNL SIM and one can be much sure to find one like that. No network!

The main fact is that we don’t even have the time. No time for studying, no time for completing the day’s works, no time for carrying out official works, কাইলৈ আহক, আজি একেবাৰে সময নাই , no time to go to the bank. Finally, no time for dying also. Still atleast we have time for going round and round around the college, time for going on haha-hihi, hi-bye on road sides, time for stunts on the bike, time for tick-tuck-tick-tock in the cell phone, time for forming unions and call Asom bandhs, Tinsukia bandh and also for making way through the highways in hundreds and ‘Ei jui jolise..’, ‘Tarun Gogoi Murdaabaad.. Jindaabaad..’ No time, but a bit!

At a time when all the roads in big cities of the country gets a ‘day in night’ experience, we are deprived of it. We have to sit in homes in a plunge of darkness for hours. No technology!

If we don’t have good marks and money, even the government colleges have no seats for you. No seats!

Oh, we have something- pride of the dying tea industry, illegal refugees or IBM (Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants)- a name preffered by most of my friends, now-and-then called bandhs, study-void-students and lots more. I think it will not matter much even if we don’t have these, but we have and will stay forever! Yo, we have something!

It’s 2010, my friend. We are so buzy. We have no time, nothing to support ourselves.

Only that we have the oil resources and the Asom tea- we can rest in peace. Oops sorry, সুজলা-সুফলা আমা সকলোৰে অসমভূমিত শান্তিও যে নাই! No peace!

-Shubhadeep Paul-

(The idea of this content has been taken from the book, ‘আড্ডাৰ সোণালী সপোন ‘)

Clarification:Even if Asom doesn't have the facilities to bring ease to life, it is the best place to live for me.
ব্যাখ্যাকরণঃ যদিও অসমে সহজ জীবন যাপনের সুবিধা কম, তবুও আমার কাছে এটাই সবচেযে ভালো জাযগা

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