Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bribe to God??

‘Yaha Mein Ghar-Ghar Kheli..!’ Yes! In the evening I find the TV tuned to Star Utsav and my sister and maa hooked up in it. Though I am much interested in watching channels like NewsLive, NHK World, KBS World etc. but at this time I am left with not much choice but to join my family in the Utsavs’ soaps. But between the long chain of soaps followed one after another the part I find the most irritating is the commercial ads of some special machines (‘yantras’ as they say) of some business organization like the Saptarishi Sangstaan, Dibyarishi Sangstaan and so-on. I cannot help my head from being heated whenever I see the falsely prepared beneficiaries narrating some false stories of themselves.

          And even worse these would sometimes continue for and an hour or half. Repeated continuously, I feel that these ads are made only to irritate me.

          Some of these even have a pinch of comic in them. I can see one of those ads depicting an imaginary antennae. I called the material as antennae because it is shown as a blessing booster for the homes which keeps the material at the door-hood. Some are even radar-like which you can fix in your vehicle. As told by them once you put the yantras at your home and vehiches you will be always under the ‘Chatra Chaaya’ (Canopy) of God.

          And the promises, ‘Dhan Hai Toh Sab Kuch Hai’ (You have everything if you have money), this is how one of these starts with. You need to please the ‘Goddess of Wealth’ Maa Laxmi. Its okay till here though I have some objections but that can be pressed my the religious beliefs. But next comes another quote which cannot  escape my veins, that is when they say that their yantras can trick the Goddess. They say that it requires ‘Kathor Tapashya’ (Vigorous Meditation) to please the Goddess, but once you put the yantras, She will not mind whether you meditate or not, but will fill your pockets with money. My brain fails to work out the meaning of the statement. I feel it hard to believe that they are trying to make us feel that the Goddess is corrupt. She accepts bribe! Is it what they mean? If not what other explaination would you put?

          During all these drama one thing that they will not forget is to remind you of the telephone numbers that remain scrolling from one end of the screen to the other. So if you still believe them and have faith in their description of God/Goddesses you may go and get one yantra for yourself.

          Ididn’t, I don’t, I won’t.

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