Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Dangerous Teacher and A PRANK!

A.T. Dev describes prank as a ‘practical joke’, but my consideration for the word is more than that of a joke. I would rather like it to be described as ‘a meaningfully carried display of naughtiness’.

I retain a perfect experience of pranks, mostly in educational places. I have been carrying out pranks from a very tender age. Once I landed in trouble after having locked my friend in the toilet. At other instances I escaped uncaught after breaking a tube-well and dismantling by kicking a newly constructed wall in the school. Apart from these I cracked a loud-cracker between Rabindra Jayanti celebrations at our colony. Being a member of the SWCS which helds Durga Puja and Basanti Puja I always get a chance of stealing sweets from the batas offered by devotees. But these are some general pranks which everyone carries out barring some very gentle and diligent pupils.

While sharing my experience with my friends, one of them, a senior in college who is from the same school I read- Antara’di or just Andy thanked God for keeping me alive. She almost became horrified after listening my list of pranks- the most attractive content being the one I am going to narrate now- a prank carried out on the most dangerous teacher in college. The prank I carried out is a much more intensified one. I had to take a greater risks before writing this article- The ‘dangerous teacher’ is in Facebook apart from two other teachers in my friends-list.

It so happened that our Terminal exams were knocking, it was to begin after five or six days. So I was at Lohit’s Chariali home to study. I reached there sharply at 8 o’ clock in the morning. We went on solving numericals till the time I suddenly noticed the short-hand of the big REWA wall clock pointing towards two. Just then Lohit’s mother entered and asked us to take a little walk in the platform, she would place the dishes for lunch by then. We went out and entered the platform through gate 1. The Down-Passenger train had just arrived. We noticed that it was giving a longer stoppage than the usual one-minute. The station master told that it has a crossing with Up-Intercity Exp. As we were walking along the stopping train I chanced upon a familiar face staring upon us from a window. It seemed like the dangerous teacher staring at us. I passed the window not looking towards it- I couldn’t regain courage to put my eyes up for a confirmation look. So I asked Lohit to do so. Here he did the first mistake- he broke out loudly- “No, What will Borah Sir do in the Passenger?”(name changed) But as we looked at the window it was indeed him. He was holding a plate of Ghoogni and putting his angry look on us.

Now the prank begins- after seeing him we increased the speed of our paces. If such circumstances are put forward anybody can easily win the fast-walking competitions in school. A machinery sound made us realize that we had neared the engine of the train. Borah Sir was sitting in the third coach from the last. Lohit suggested that we should try to take a snap of sir. I also agreed. So we crossed the first line and got to the second line and started walking backwards till we reached the coach where Sir was sitting. We were enough sure that he could not see us as he was sitting on a window on the other side of the coach and decided to get in. We started approaching cautionly the seat where Sir was sitting but when the seat came in view we noticed that there was no Sir but a blue bag. Probably Sir had got down to find out the reason behind the longer stoppage.

We again got down and went to the platform from behind the last coach of the train. We searched for Sir but we could not find him. We decided to take a closer-look from the narrow way (marked 4 in pic) that runs along the platform. We entered the way from the gate 1 and started walking, at times peeping over the platform-wall to spot Sir holding the mobile-cameras out to capture the first sight of him. We reached the gate 2, but till then we didn’t see Sir. At that moment a man with a strong figure, a bald head and a angry look entered the narrow-way through the gate 2. Unfortunately it was our Sir. We landed face to face to him. We paused and then started making expressions that we had remembered some important work and at the next moment we were running backwards to the gate 1. When we reached there we gasped a long breath.

Now it’s a fact that pranky minds do not stop supplying pranky ideas. We came to a point that now since we have been caught there should be no fear in us- whatever is to happen, will happen- we can continue our fun. We got to the platform through the gate 1 and crossed the first line to get to the second one and started advancing forwards again. We got to the place where the gap between two coaches lay. We could get a view of Sir from the gap. He was still standing near the gate 2. We were happy that he was busy talking with the guard. We held out our camera-phones to take a snap. As I was matching the image before clicking suddenly I noticed on the screen that Sir was staring at us. I started running toward the heaps of coal along the third line. Lohit discovered it a little later and followed. We hid ourselves there for a little time. We could hear the whistle of the Intercity Exp. advancing towards. The Intercity had no stoppage at Chariali- it crossed the station by the second line obstructing Sir’s view on us. We took the chance and changed our places of hiding. Now the Passenger gave a loud whistle- from below the train we could see people getting up. Sir got up and took his seat.

The risk was assumed to have ended- we got out from our hiding and went to the platform. As the train started moving out slowly; Lohit looked at me and burst out a loud laughter, I replied in the same way.

You can easily guess what could have happened when we approached Sir the next day in the practical classes. I shall remember this prank for some more time.


  1. You have every possibilities to be a good writer. Keep It up. I can understand who the teacher was. What actually hepneded next?My I know, Promise , I'll not disclose to anyone.

  2. By the way, You are a good bloger too. I've mentioned about both the blogs you have in Pragyan

  3. Aar ki bolbo, Sir.. Thanks for mentioning the blogs in Pragyan.. Aami beche geyechi.. Lohit bechaara! Notice board'e kichu ekta porchilo.. Sir VP office'ye chilo.. Oke dekhei ese gaale ekta Chaataash!